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bird feeders and houses

Bird Feeders and Houses

Bird feeders and houses are a wonderful source of entertainment. There are so many different birds you can attract by offering them some food and shelter, especially in the spring and fall when birds are migrating and in the winter months when the food is hard to come by.  In the spring when they are looking for a nesting place, you can offer up a new house.

Different bird feeders and houses attract different birds so if you wish to bring birds to your yard, you need to learn a little about the different birds, feeders, foods and habitats. Learn which feeders work best for the species you want to attract.

Bird feeders and houses are widely available in many stores and online in many different styles. Some feeders hold very tiny seed while some are designed for larger seeds. Hummingbird feeders hold a syrupy nectar.  We've searched to find some of the most interesting bird feeders and houses and offer them for sale in our store.   Be sure to check them out.

Prices vary greatly depending on the style and quality. When purchasing bird feeders and houses, look for quality in the manufacturing and strong hangers. Metal reinforcing around the feeder holes will help prevent pesky squirrels from chewing through and ruining your feeder. For more information on
bird houses, click here.

There are many books and magazines available about all sorts of birds.  You can learn a lot about your favorite birds by reading a book or subscribing to a magazine.

If you're just starting out feeding birds, you may want to start with a large tray feeder. Choose one that will allow many birds to eat at once and hold plenty of food.  In the winter months, many birds prefer suet feeders as they use the fat for survival.

Different species of birds are as different as we people are.  Different species eat different foods and live in different habitats.  Woodpeckers seem to hop up and down the trunks of trees looking for bugs to eat.  Hummingbirds hover like little helicopters while they drink nectar.  We have a blue jay that loves to sit on our front porch looking into our front window and caw loudly at us. 

Birdwatching is especially fun in the migration season as you will see birds that you don't see at other times of the year.  These same birds will return year after year to your feeders.  It's great fun to watch for them.
The last two years we've had a beautiful Baltimore Oriole hanging out in our large maple tree. Orioles tend to stay in the tops of trees are you don't see a lot of them. But their beautiful song is unmistakable.  It's such a treat to have an oriole sing to you in the morning. Here's more information on
on Orioles.  

If it's an oriole that you want to attract, you'll want to look up their habits and the foods they are attracted to.  Or maybe you want the bright red color of the cardinals visiting.  Here's more information on cardinals and cardinal bird feeders.  
And of course the hummingbirds are fascinating to watch.  They are a favorite of many. Here's more information on humming bird feeders.

You will be amazed at the variety and beauty of the birds that will come once you extend the invitation.  Just invite a few over for dinner and sit back and enjoy.

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